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Energy and Cooling Concepts for a Carbon-neutral Future

with patented ice storage technology

Cooling technology with ice storage

From design to finished system

Planning & Concept

  • We design and develop your complete cooling solution 
  • We design and implement the seamless integration of our sp.ICE ice storage into your existing cooling systems


  • With 40 years' experience of building refrigeration systems, we know what it takes: flexible, dynamic cooling power available exactly when it is needed

Ice storage tank with capillary tube technology

  • Manufacturer of the world's first capillary tube-based ice storage system
  • Large heat transfer surface in a compact design
  • Meet high cooling requirements without additional chillers

Compact, transportable, peak load capacity | sp.ICE ice storage in a container

The sp.ICE is a modular ice storage system which, with its compact dimensions and very short charging times, is a high-end product for use as a full-load storage system. This makes the sp.ICE particularly economical to operate in applications that need to cover peak cooling loads during the day when electricity tariffs are high.

The sp.ICE heat exchanger

Patented ice storage system made in Germany

At the heart of the sp.ICE is a new development: modularly combined capillary tube mats create a large heat transfer surface. This enables the sp.ICE to freeze water at an average production temperature of -2.5°C. The energy stored in this way can be called up precisely at times of peak demand.


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Advantages of the sp.ICE ice storage system

compared to conventional systems

sp.ICE is compact

sp.ICE requires up to 60% less space than conventional ice storage cooling systems


sp.ICE is peak load capable

High capacities and charging times of 6 hours make the sp.ICE ice storage system suitable for peak loads.


Fast load times

The sp.ICE can be fully charged with ice within 6 hours.


sp.ICE is modular

The sp.ICE is available in ISO container sizes of 10', 20', 40' or as a customised version for seamless integration into building specifications.

sp.ICE ice storage applications

Project reference

Cooling plant Europaplatz Heidelberg:
13MW ice storage tank

In collaboration with Heidelberg's municipal utility, sp.ICE has developed an energy storage system that can store more than 13 megawatts of cooling energy centrally and deliver it to neighbouring buildings via a district cooling network.


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sp.ICE thermal ice storage in video

How does the sp.ICE ice storage work? What can it deliver? What is it used for? The answers to these questions can be found in this 4-minute video.

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