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Trotec - Ice storage cooling of logistics centre

Trotec, Heinsberg

Ice storage for the climate-neutral construction of a new production and logistics centre

Ice storage challenge


Delivery time of 2 months was made possible by modular prefabrication

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Purpose of the installation

Climate-neutral production through the use of photovoltaic systems, geothermal energy and ice storage systems

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Technology in use

  • 2 sp.ICE INSITU 6.500 high-performance ice storage units 
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Performance data

  • Storage capacity: 16 MWh
  • Charging time: 14 h
  • Charging power: 1.1 MW 


Trotec GmbH from Heinsberg equips industrial, commercial and private users with machines for dehumidification, humidification, heating and ventilation. Trotec claims that its production will be 100% climate-neutral by 2023. The roof area of the new production centre has been equipped with 50,000 m² of solar panels. The solar energy generated is sufficient for the centre's own requirements and for around 2,000 households in the surrounding area.

Scope of delivery and services:

Planning, production, installation and commissioning of two on-site ice storage tanks for the cooling supply of the new production and logistics centre for Trotec in Heinsberg.

Purpose of the system:

With the aim of achieving climate neutrality, ice storage tanks are used in combination with geothermal energy and solar collectors for energy-efficient heating and cooling of the production facility. They serve as a heat source and to regenerate the heat pumps. Aiming for climate-neutral production.


In order to achieve the short delivery time of just 2 months, a modular design of the storage tank was chosen, which enabled extensive prefabrication and minimised assembly work on site.


Lentzen Gebäudetechnik GmbH



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