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Ice Storage Technology from sp.ICE

Additional cooling capacity without new chillers

Do you need additional cooling for your offices, processes or servers?

Investing in an ice storage tank to increase the cooling capacity of existing refrigeration equipment is particularly economical when the following conditions are met

  • Large differences in the daily load profile of cooling demand
  • Demand-based electricity tariffs (day and night tariffs)
  • Cooling system redundancy requirements (critical cooling processes, data centres, manufacturing, hospitals)
  • High power connection demand to meet peak loads
  • Large number of chillers to meet peak demand
  • Easy expansion of cooling systems with additional chillers limited by infrastructure

Although the initial investment cost of ice storage technology may be higher than that of conventional direct cooling systems, this is significantly offset by savings in electricity feed-in, a reduction in chiller output and lower maintenance costs for the systems.

What makes ice storage technology so attractive

  • Reduction of electrical operating costs
  • Reduction of electrical load peaks
  • Reduction of the electricity power price
  • Shifting cooling production to favourable tariff times (night time)
  • Shifting cold production to times of day with low outside temperatures
  • Secure cooling supply (emergency cooling) in the event of a power failure
  • Favourable low-load behaviour

Main applications for the sp.ICE ice storage system

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