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sp.ICE High Performance Ice Storage for Modern Energy Needs

Our solution for efficient cooling of peak cooling demand

Compactness and performance for maximum efficiency

sp.ICE represents the pinnacle of ice storage technology with its compact design and exceptionally fast charging times. As a high-end solution in the field of full-load energy storage systems, sp.ICE sets new standards in terms of efficiency and performance.

The high power density of the sp.ICE heat exchanger enables a space-saving design. This not only reduces space requirements, but also transport and installation costs. The compact size is particularly advantageous in urban or space-constrained environments.

Fast cycle times for maximum efficiency

With charge and discharge times of less than 6 hours, sp.ICE is one of the fastest ice storage systems on the market. This efficiency makes it ideal for applications that require a quick response to peak cooling demand - especially in times of high electricity tariffs. By taking advantage of low tariff periods for ice storage, sp.ICE enables significant energy cost savings.

Flexible installation options

sp.ICE offers versatile installation options. The system can either be built in a tank on site or set up as a transportable container. The use of standardised container sizes such as 10′, 20′, 40′ and special sizes simplifies logistics and installation and it offers further cost benefits.

Our solution for economical and efficient cooling

The sp.ICE ice storage system is the ideal choice for companies that want to intelligently control their cooling capacity while minimising operating costs. By optimising the use of energy tariffs and reducing space requirements, sp.ICE enables efficient and economical cooling in line with modern energy management requirements.