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Ice Storage Emergency Cooling for Data Centres, Hospital Operating Theatres and other Temperature-critical Areas

40 hours emergency supply for a data centre with 25kW cooling requirement

Reliable cooling supply in an emergency

Some areas are particularly dependent on a reliable cooling supply and continuous cooling. These include operating theatres in hospitals, data centres and some industrial plants. In pharmaceutical production, for example, even small temperature fluctuations can render entire batches of drugs unusable.

In data centres, a loss of cooling can cause servers to shut down and become inaccessible. Emergency cooling is usually provided in these temperature-critical areas. Ice storage as a standby cooler has a number of advantages over conventional chillers.

Emergency cooling for data centres

Why ice storage systems make emergency cooling cheaper and more environmentally friendly

No reliance on chillers

Ice storage systems are stand-alone systems that do not depend on chillers or refrigerants. They can operate in the event of a power failure or when chillers are unavailable due to technical failure. In these cases, ice storage systems provide the necessary continuity of cooling.

No additional operating costs

Ice storage systems do not incur additional costs for operating redundant chillers or refrigerants. They are replenished regularly and provide the emergency cooling required in the event of a chiller failure, without increasing ongoing operating costs.

Easy maintenance and servicing

Compared to complex cooling systems with chillers, ice storage systems are easier to maintain and require little maintenance. This ensures safe operation of the emergency cooling system and reliable restoration of cooling after a failure.


Flexibility and adaptability

Ice storage tanks can be easily integrated into existing refrigeration systems. They are available in different sizes and can be adapted to the actual cooling requirements in an emergency. Ice storage systems offer maximum flexibility to meet the specific requirements of an emergency cooling supply.


Environmental friendliness

Ice storage tanks do not use refrigerants that can harm the environment. This is a particularly important criterion where environmentally friendly cooling is required or desired.


sp.ICE ice storage - rapid-response emergency cooling, long-lasting cooling supply

The sp.ICE has been developed with the aim of achieving extremely fast charging and discharging. For emergency cooling, this means that the required cooling is available very quickly and that there are no interruptions in the cooling supply. In an emergency, the speed and reliability of a cooling system is critical to protect critical assets or avoid costly downtime and data loss in data centres.

The high power density of the sp.ICE ensures not only fast, but also sustained cooling. In an emergency, the smallest version of our ice storage unit in a 10ft container can provide over 40 hours of cooling for a server room with a cooling requirement of 25kW.

At the Heidelberg Innovation Park, 2 ice storage units now provide emergency cooling for the data centre located there. Read our project report to find out how a cooling network is supplied with cold in addition to the data centre.


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