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The Fascination of Ice Storage

New technology for an old idea


An innovative approach to energy conversion

Ice storage is a fascinating technology that combines ancient knowledge of natural cooling processes with modern engineering expertise. At the heart of the technology is latent heat, the amount of energy required to turn water into ice. This is achieved by extracting energy at a constant temperature. Amazingly, ice at 0°C can store up to 80 times more energy than liquid water. 

From ancient roots to modern application

This method has deep roots in history. As early as 5,000 years ago, the Chinese used ice stores to preserve food and make ice cream. In the past, ice was mainly obtained from natural sources and used for cooling in processes such as beer production. This traditional use extended over long periods of time.

Ice storage today: Efficiency and dynamic behavior

Today's ice storage systems are designed for rapid charge and discharge cycles to meet the demands of modern cooling processes. They require efficient heat transfer, a balanced ratio of heat transfer surface to ice volume, and minimised heat and pressure losses.

The sp.ICE ice storage system: the solution to today's cooling challenges

Specially designed for today's needs, the sp.ICE ice storage system features an innovative heat exchanger. It provides fast loading, high cooling capacity and a compact design - an ideal solution for modern cooling processes.