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Modular Cooling Systems

Customised and efficient

Our modular refrigeration systems provide a highly efficient solution to your cooling needs. By combining the ice storage tanks with perfectly matched hydraulic and refrigeration modules with associated recoolers, a powerful system is created that is characterised by its energy efficiency.

Project specific design and pre-fabrication

Each module is designed specifically to your requirements and pre-assembled at our state-of-the-art production facility in Berlin. Wiring and extensive quality testing are also carried out there. This ensures smooth and fast installation on site, significantly reducing construction times and guaranteeing the quality of our products.

Easy installation and commissioning

On-site installation is limited to the hydraulic and electrical connections of the modules, minimising the complexity and duration of the installation. Our trained personnel are available to provide professional commissioning.

Robust and weatherproof design

Our modules are designed as robust, weather-resistant containers that function reliably even under demanding environmental conditions.

Extensive technical equipment

The hydraulic modules include pump groups, heat exchangers, hydraulic diverters, dampers, pipework, sensors and controls. The refrigeration module includes the chiller, switch and control cabinets, pump groups for the recooling unit and associated sensors and monitoring. 

Expandable functionality

If required, our modules can be expanded to include additional functions such as water treatment for the recooling plant or UPS systems. 

Flexible installation options

If required, the system can be installed on site by our experienced fitters in the customer's own technical rooms to ensure seamless integration into existing structures.

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