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VOS - Ice storage unit for food refrigeration

VOS Technics, Belgium

Ice storage tank for food refrigeration

Ice storage challenge


Delivery time of 2 months

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Purpose of the system

Refrigeration supply for a food producer

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Technology in use

  • High-performance ice store type sp.ICE W 2.2
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Performance data

  • Storage capacity: 470 kWh
  • Charging power 60 kW
  • Charging time: 8 h


VOS Technics employs 20 people at the Herk-de-Stad site in Belgium for the development and implementation of refrigeration solutions for food companies

Scope of delivery and services

Design and manufacture of a GRP ice storage unit for the refrigeration supply of a food producer in Belgium.

Purpose of the system

Utilisation of surplus solar energy for the refrigeration supply of food


2 months delivery time



Other Projects

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