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Materna - Ice storage for office cooling

Materna, Dortmund

Compact ice storage tank for the air conditioning of a new office building

Ice storage challenge


Limited space at the installation site requires a compact design with high power requirements at the same time

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Purpose of the installation

Optimised use of the solar system on the building. Surplus electricity is stored at weekends and used for the building's air conditioning on weekdays

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Technology in use

  • High-capacity ice storage unit type sp.ICE 40'
  • High-capacity ice storage unit type sp.ICE 10'
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Performance data

  • Storage capacity: 10 MWh
  • Charging power 1.25 MW
  • Charging time: 8 h 


Materna Information & Communications SE is a global IT service provider with more than 4,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Dortmund. Materna develops and distributes digitalisation solutions for public administrations, airports, medium-sized and large companies.

Scope of delivery and services

Design, manufacture and delivery of three ice storage modules for the air conditioning of an administration building

Purpose of the system

At weekends and on non-working days, the surplus solar power generated by the PV system is used to produce cooling. The cold is temporarily stored in the ice storage units and used to air-condition the offices on working days. This enables optimised use of the solar system with a low primary energy requirement for the building.

The challenge

Due to the limited space available at the installation site, a compact design of the storage system was required, while at the same time meeting high power requirements.


Kögel Bau GmbH & Co. KG



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